What are you waiting for? Start now!

What are you waiting for? Start now!

An object at rest stays at rest, unless it is compelled to change by outside forces.

Humans be lazy. It’s no surprise that we often choose to do something ‘tomorrow’, and we all know it won’t happen 99% of the time we’re just putting it off indefinitely.  This happens all too often when starting a new training program, or trying to change our eating habits – we sabotage ourselves, make justifications and excuses for why we can’t go to the gym today or why we deserve that delicious thing that isn’t part of the plan.


We can’t all eat like the Rock

Hell, most gyms are designed around this fact – your average commercial gym relies on you signing up and then NOT COMING after a few weeks/months. Your laziness subsidises those who do train regularly. Australia has more gyms and personal trainers than ever before, and yet as a nation we are still getting bigger and unhealthier.

You’ve probably had plans to join a gym and train regularly for ages. Maybe years. Maybe you’ve tried a few times and fallen off the wagon already, like most people. Ditto for eating right.

So what are you waiting for? Join a gym (I hear Black Flag Barbell Club is pretty awesome). Train regularly. Eat right.

What’s stopping you?

‘I can’t afford it’ – I would almost guarantee you can afford it if you drank less coffee/alcohol/ate out less/insert numerous other things you likely spend your disposable income on. You can join Anytime Fitness for something stupid like $17/week. You can get coaching at Black Flag for $45/week (bargain, right?). ‘I can’t afford it’ generally means ‘I don’t see this as a priority’ – if that’s the case, why don’t you value your health?


For this much money, you can have a 24/7  gym with a coach. Crazy, right?

‘I don’t have the time’ –  We all get the same 24 hours. How can ‘Bob’ (not his real name haha) who works full time, travels to compete in a sport he loves, and has five kids manage to train regularly but you can’t? You can get a ball (or ovary) busting workout done and dusted in 30-45 minutes. You can meal prep in 1-2 hours one day a week.

‘I don’t enjoy working out’ – Try different stuff. Try a new class, try a new gym, try a new sport. Ultimately, physical exercise is good for you – it helps keep you healthy now and in the future, it’s an investment in your health.


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Hell, try Ultimate Frisbee. Why not?!

So again, what’s stopping you – other than you? Stop making excuses, get out of your own way, and get into the gym!


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