Black Flag Barbell Club is a strength training, strongman and powerlifting gym, located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Strongman training is about as functional as it gets.

Pick up something heavy and awkward, and move it over there. That just about sums up strongman training. It’s awesome.

If you can pick up a 100kg+ atlas stone, and throw it over your shoulder – everything else is going to start feeling pretty light!

Many people think strongman looks interesting, but don’t know where to start, or know anywhere that has the equipment. Our experienced coaches can help you get started, teach you the correct technique and show you how strongman can fit into a training plan.

We have a great (and always growing) variety of strongman gear at Black Flag Barbell Club, including:

Atlas stones up to 150kg
Competition yoke
Farmers handles
10inch log
Kegs up to 100kg

If you’re looking for somewhere to scratch that strongman itch in or around Castle Hill, come and train with us for a week with our free trial!

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