Weight Loss

Black Flag Barbell Club is a powerlifting gym that specialises in weight loss. Located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Powerlifting For Weight Loss

We all know how to lose weight – it isn’t complex. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

At Black Flag Barbell Club, we’ve helped a number of our members slim down, tone up and lose some weight – whether it be because they want to look better naked, or simply make weight for a competition.  Our very own coach Chris lost 18kg in 2018!

Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight

At the simplest level, to lose weight you need to consume (eat) less energy (calories) than you expend (need per day). This will put you in what is called a ‘calorie deficit’, where you’re eating less energy than your body requires. Your body will take the difference from available body fat, and over time this will lead to weight loss!

You can create a calorie deficit a few ways, the easiest of which is to eat less food.  As the old saying goes, ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’. Having a weight loss meal plan can help if you’re unsure what consititutes a ‘healthy choice’ for meals – but stay away from super low 1200 calorie diets.

You can also do more regular exercise, thus increasing your bodies calorie demands. This must be combined with controlling your food intake – unless you’re a professional athlete of some description, it’s very difficult to accumulate enough exercise per day to make a big dent in your calories.

The Benefits Of Strength Training For Weight Loss

One of the best side effects of regular strength training is building muscle. Muscle is a very ‘expensive’ thing – it costs a lot of calories, relatively, to keep around. What this means is that if you build more muscle via strength training, your body burns more calories per day! If, like me, you have a decent appetite – being able to eat more food without putting on weight is one of the best benefits of strength training. It’s simply fuel for your next awesome workout!

There are many studies that demonstrate a large number of people who lose weight will, unfortunately, put it back on relatively quickly. This is usually due to fad diets and not making lifestyle changes that set you up for long term success. Keep in mind that rapid weight loss or looking for the fastest way to lose weight are both often unsustainable – you’re trying to make long term lifestyle changes, not look good for one week and then slide back into bad habits!

The community and coaches at Black Flag Barbell Club will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that the changes you make suit YOUR lifestyle – book your free introductory session today and let us show you how we will change your life!

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