How to Add Muscle

Black Flag Barbell Club is a powerlifting gym that helps you add muscle. We are located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Adding Muscle With Powerlifting

Building muscle or ‘toning up’ is simple – you need to provide a stimulus (a reason your body should be bigger), consistently over time. Usually, this stimulus is weight training. The weights you lift provide the stimulus/stress that tells your body you need to be bigger and stronger in order to better handle weights in the future.
How To Add Muscle

You also have to provide the building blocks for that new muscle to be built – food! Ya gotta eat! One of the biggest mistakes we see new lifters at Black Flag Barbell Club make is they train hard but don’t provide their body with the fuel it needs. If you want to bulk up, you need to eat MORE calories than your body needs per day. A simple way to think about this is if you want to look like that jacked 90kg guy – eat more like that jacked 90kg guy!

The Basics Of Building Lean Muscle

These are the two basic building blocks of building lean muscle. There’s no rocket science here –the best way to build muscle is to simply train hard, consistently, for a long time and eat enough quality food, consistently for a long time.

Now, both of these can be broken down into more complex ideas. How many times a week should you train? How much food should you eat? How much protein/carbs/fats? So on and so forth. These are all valid questions, and the answer is ‘it depends’. You might be slightly out of shape, looking to lose fat and gain muscle. You might be looking to go from skinny to muscular.

Personalised Approach To Building Muscle

Each person is different – you might work an office job and have three kids. Or you might work a physical job and have three imaginary friends. But those two individuals will need to take into account their different calorie needs, their different recovery abilities and a whole host of other factors when deciding on what best suits them. However, at the end of the day, they both need to train hard for a long time and eat enough food to support muscle growth.

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