Physiotherapy for Athletes

Our physiotherapists understand training - let us keep you in the gym and on the field!

It can be hard to find a physiotherapist that understands the unique demands of strength sports and weight training. It’s all too common to hear the dreaded words ‘you should take a break from lifting’.

At Black Flag Barbell Club, we understand balancing the need to train versus the management of aches and pains – work with a physio that gets it!

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Exercise based rehabilitation – come ready to work!

We expect you to be the biggest driving force in your recovery, and all treatment sessions are done right here in our fully equipped gym.

Our goal is to identify the root causes of issues and provide you the tools to manage them – eventually on your own and without needing further treatment!

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Expert technical assessment – work with a physiotherapist that is also a strength coach

Our physiotherapists’ unique background as both a strength coach and a long term lifter gives them an excellent understanding of the unique challenges that strength athletes deal with.

45 minute, one on one sessions

For most of us, time is precious and carving out part of your week for physio can be difficult.

With generous 45 minute sessions we have the time to properly assess your issue, identify root causes and implement effective strategies to help you get back on track – without giving you the cliff notes and rushing through things.

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