Black Flag Barbell Club is a strength training, strongman and powerlifting gym, located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Start Strong – April 8th

Our next Start Strong program begins on April 8th (next Monday)! Over four weeks we will take you through the fundamentals of lifting and training so that you can walk into any gym confident you know how to perform the basic movements that make up any training program worth its salt – the squat, bench, […]


What’s your ‘thing’?

Training with intent is important. But how can we start to improve our ability to do this? One method is to have a thing. No, not a rabbits’ foot – a ‘thing’ in this case is a focus. All too often we see lifters coming into a session, reading their program and then just banging […]


Top of the mornin’ to ya

Has it been your dream to train at Black Flag Barbell Club, under the guidance of our expert, handsome and debonair coaches – but just can’t make it to the gym in the afternoon? Fear not, because Black Flag is now open in the wee hours of the morning! Our coaching hours now include 5:30am […]


Beginner FAQs – #1: How often should I train?

Welcome to ‘Beginner FAQs’ – the questions we get asked most often by those new to training or to Black Flag Barbell Club. Issue #1 – How often should you train? The simple answer up front – we consider 2x a week training to be the minimum effective dose, with 3x a week being ideal […]


Breathing/bracing for lifting Heavy Things

Bracing is a key part of lifting heavy things safely and efficiently. It is a skill, like anything, that develops over time and with concentrated practice. When I teach new members at Black Flag how to brace, I will always ask them how they think they should breathe (for example, I will ask “How do […]


Meal Prep – Why aren’t you doing it?

Nutrition is a big part of achieving any fitness goal, whether it be performance or body composition based. Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Peformance – and this couldn’t be more true than when talking about what people eat. Whether you’re powerlifting, dieting down for summer or simply want to stop eating a bunch of crap […]

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