Black Flag Barbell Club is a strength training, strongman and powerlifting gym, located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Elbow pain in the low bar squat

Elbow pain is a common complaint amongst powerlifters – and a likely culprit is your squat. The pain might not initially manifest while squatting. Very often we have trainees first complain of elbow pain/symptoms while bench pressing. One of the first places we look for trouble, though, is their squat. If left long enough, elbow […]


Build muscle and strength for powerlifting with ‘rest pause’ sets

Pretty much every guy in the gym is training to build muscle and be strong. For powerlifting, and strength sports in general, one often follows the other – the bigger you are, the stronger you are. Very often we split our time and attention for training between the two – we might do an eight […]


Strength training for beginners – September 2nd!

Over four weeks our Start Strong program will take you through the fundamentals of lifting and strength training so that you can walk into any gym confident you know how to perform the basic movements that make any strength training program worth its salt – the squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press and row. Even if […]


What are you waiting for? Start now!

An object at rest stays at rest, unless it is compelled to change by outside forces. Humans be lazy. It’s no surprise that we often choose to do something ‘tomorrow’, and we all know it won’t happen 99% of the time we’re just putting it off indefinitely.  This happens all too often when starting a […]


Beginner FAQ #2: What supplements should I take?

Supplements are a massive industry, but how many of them do you really need? If you walk into a GNC or Nutrition Warehouse and ask for help, you wouldn’t be hard pressed to spend hundreds of dollars in a single visit. If you are eating a balanced diet, you probably don’t need anything. Let’s get […]


Practice how you play

When you participate in a sport, you agree to abide by certain rules. In soccer, you know you can’t touch the ball with your hand (outside of very specific circumstances). In tennis, you know you have to land your shots within the lines. Almost any sport will also specify equipment standards. The hoop must be […]

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