Black Flag Barbell Club is a strength training, strongman and powerlifting gym, located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Training after quarantine

Training has been on hold for many in 2020. Most of the world has been turned upside down these past few months due to COVID-19. Gyms have been closed, so unless you were lucky enough to have access to equipment at home many only had the option of doing body-weight training. Or scrambling to buy […]


Best Diet For ‘Insert Goal Here’ – Step 1

The ‘best diet’ for losing fat, gaining muscle or performing well has been a thing of myth and legend as long as the fitness industry has existed. Much like your training program, the best diet is the one you will stick to! We all know someone who eats super high carb but is still lean. […]


Lunges are great, you should do them

The humble lunge is a great movement that is often overlooked or skipped. Maybe you’re too tired after your main training for the day. Maybe you just can’t be bothered so you hit up the leg press instead. But lunges have a few tricks up their sleeves – a few little perks that other movements […]


Wrist Wraps – How to get the most out of them!

Wrist wraps are one of the most common pieces of equipment you will see in any gym. They are a very useful tool for maintaining a stable wrist under load – for example in the bench press. As with any tool, however, you need to know how to use them effectively. Choosing your wrist wraps […]


Deadlift technique – Pull the slack out

The deadlift is a lift that many people love, and for good reason. It is usually the lift that allows you to lift the most weight, and it is often seen as the least technical of the compound movements. You have probably heard someone say ‘grip it and rip it’, and for some this is […]


Leg Drive on the Bench – The Basics

Leg drive is something that is often talked about when discussing the bench press, but is rarely seen implemented correctly (if at all). While leg drive isn’t necessarily the magic potion that it can seem, it is a key component to a well executed bench press. If you have trouble maintaining your set shoulder position, […]

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